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Review: Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge

• Free Patriot Press
In her new book Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge Tracy R. Twyman explains how money - all money - has origins in religion, mythology & alchemy. She describes the book as "the esoteric history of money. Learn how the modern-day alchemists who control our economy create fool's gold out of nothing. These masters of illusion have tricked us all into sacrificing our own youth, and that of our own children, by convincing us that 'time is money.'" Twyman begins by writing “The symbol for the dollar is familiar throughout the world... There are several different theories about the origin of this symbol, although I don’t believe that they are mutually exclusive.” Most people have probably heard that the dollar symbol came from the Spanish Milled Dollar which showed banners wrapped around two pillars – the Pillars of Hercules. The image on the Spanish coin has a much older history Twyman writes, “shekel coins made on the ancient Phoenician island of Tyre, which feature both the Pillars of

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