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U. S. Official: Bin Laden Would Have Been Taken Alive If He Was Naked

The latest mad spin, as contradiction after contradiction appears in the official version of events surrounding the Seal Team 6 raid at Abbottabad, is that Osama bin laden would have been captured alive if he was naked. According to the London's Telegraph, John Brennan, the chief US counter-terrorism adviser is now claiming that Seal Team 6 commandos were told to assume bin Laden was wearing a suicide vest and that he should be killed, unless they found him naked. It remains very odd that the U.S. government/President Obama gave the order to assassinate bin Laden, the man that would know all about the Al Queda network operations, as opposed to a serious attempt at taking him alive for interrogation. The further curious fact should also be noted that because the government claims to have buried bin Laden's body at sea and that commando helmet cameras were inexplicably turned off during the actual raid, there is no evidence that bin Laden was at Abbottabad, clothed or otherwise.

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