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Don't Let Doha Die, Pleads Columnist


History is locked on fast-forward. In terms of economic and financial news-flow, as last week showed, we live in turbo-charged times ... Allowing Doha trade talks to fail is a mistake, both politically and economically – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: Don't let Doha die! If government bureaucrats cannot revive these talks, the free-market is doomed.

Free-Market Analysis: The Telegraph is out with an article, "Allowing Doha trade talks to fail is a mistake, both politically and economically," that confirms many of the points we ourselves made in a recent article on the Doha talks, though in reverse. You can see our article here: Doha Dies Well Deserved Death.

Now we are aware that the Doha talks seem somewhat removed from the practicality of everyday existence. But in fact they are most important from a trans-national point of view and mirror the trouble that the Anglo-American powers-that-be are having in many other areas from the Afghan war to global warming to the European Union. So from our view it is worth re-emphasizing what is going on with them, especially as they are not receiving a lot of attention in the alternative 'Net press, even among free-market sites.


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