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Ron Paul Wins the Debate But Will the Federal Reserve Put Him in the White House?


The Drudge Report recently announced that according to a CNN Poll, Ron Paul has the best chance to beat Obama of all the potential GOP candidates.

The Ron Paul Campaign has certainly been making progress over the past four years but the difference between future electoral success and failure might well depend on the economic and monetary consequences of Federal Reserve actions, which could propel Ron Paul to the GOP presidential nomination in 2012. How ironic and satisfying would it be if the Federal Reserve mistakes and policies do end up giving the GOP nomination if not the presidency to Ron Paul?

Thursday May 5th, Ron Paul won the first of many debates to come in the runup to the 2012 US Presidential campaign. This time around, unlike the last, Dr. Paul's supporters are too numerous and important for mainstream media outlets like Fox News – and the individual state GOP party leadership – to try and simply ignore him and try to ban Dr. Paul from the debates.

Sure they would like to marginalize him, but in the Internet era the spread of truth and knowledge is propelling Dr. Paul's message into the living rooms of millions of Americans who are awakening to the fundamental weaknesses that exist in the US financial and political system. The power of that growing audience cannot simply be muffled by manistream media sources – much to their chagrin.


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