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Recomended Survival Fiction


I would like to thank Wolverine for sending this list – looks like I have a lot of reading to catch up on. If you have other suggestions please let us know in the comments below.

PatriotsSurvivalBlog, by James W. Rawles, Economic collapse scenario. Lots of useful information on tactics, food storage, fuel storage, retreat security, survival medicine, etcetera. I’d recommend this book to anyone who is thinking about survivalism for the first time, as well as for long-term survivors. It’s full of great information, and is an eye-opener. I may not say that the survivors made the best choices possible in the story, but I learned from it.

FootfallSurvival fiction, by Jerry Pournelle. Alien’s similar to elephants invade the earth. A good deal of how to survive in urban areas without the infrastructure we would normally have.

Lucifer’s HammerSurvival books, by Pournelle. A comet strikes the earth, many survival skills and scenes. Also deals with cannibalism.

Tunnel in the SkySurvivalist Books, by Heinlein. Survival in an unexpected, long term situation.

Sixth ColumnSurvivalist Fiction, by Heinlein. Survival after enemy invasion of the US.

Farnham’s FreeholdSurvival, by Heinlein. One mans preparation and success in surviving nuclear war.

Pulling ThroughSurvivalist Fiction Books, by Dean Ing. Post nuclear war scenario, Mr. Ing manages to discuss a wide variety of pertinent survival skills.

The StandSurvival Pandemic Fiction, by Stephen King. All reports suggest the book is better than the miniseries on TV was, I didn’t watch the series. Starts out with a plague killing most people on earth, gets very supernatural.

Unintended ConsequencesSurvival” by John Ross. The first two-thirds of “Unintended Consequences” comprise a fictionalized chronology of various characters on three continents experiencing the effects of being armed – and being disarmed – from 1906 to the present. In the final third of the novel, set after Waco and Ruby Ridge, America’s gun-grabbers finally go too far.


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