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How to Winnow, De-Hull, and Clean Your Own Home-Grown Grains, by Notutopia


I thought I'd share some of the options available on de-hulling grain, for others, who are embarking on raising their own plot or field of grains and then plan to long term store their harvests. This information is also relevant to processing many varieties of grains, seeds and hulled legumes.

Processing Overview There are several separate steps to the processing of grains to get them ready for storage, if, they are to be utilized for human consumption and not just for replanting as field seed.

These steps include:  Harvesting or cutting the grain stalks, upright stacking the cut stalks and tying them in drying bundles and allowing them to field dry for several weeks, then de-heading the grain from the stalks by threshing, then winnowing the grain from the chaff, de-hulling the grain, and winnowing or cleaning  again to rid away the hulls, and then, storing the grain.

If you wish to read more on growing and harvesting your own grains, I recommend the book Small-Scale Grain Raising by Gene Logsdon. It is a "must have" book for inclusion in your prep library, if you intend to grow your own grains.

Our wheat is now successfully dried and cut from the shaft. So next in the processing, I will be de-hulling and cleaning close to a half ton of wheat for our larder. This will be my prepping project for the next couple of weeks. The final goal will be to have it stored away for long term later use in either, 5 gallon buckets or, 55 gallon barrels with tight fitting gasketed lids. 


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