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Cost of Bin Laden Deception: US$3 Trillion


As we mark Osama bin Laden's death, what's striking is how much he cost our nation--and how little we've gained from our fight against him. By conservative estimates, bin Laden cost the United States at least $3 trillion over the past 15 years, counting the disruptions he wrought on the domestic economy, the wars and heightened security triggered by the terrorist attacks he engineered, and the direct efforts to hunt him down. – The Atlantic

Dominant Social Theme: Was it worth it? Not particularly? We need a more effective way to pursue the war on terror.

Free-Market Analysis: The Atlantic Magazine has published a remarkable article totaling up the cost of fighting bin Laden and pursuing the war on terror. Total dollars: US$3 trillion. Given the perilous state of Western finance, this amount of money reveals not the West's determination to fight for its rapidly vanishing "freedoms" but the utter contempt in which the Anglosphere's great banking families hold Western solvency.

It is far more important to pursue an illusory foe in an apparently made-up war than to create a prosperous civil society. The real war, evidently and obviously, is between the West's middle classes (now suffering through the agonies of austerity) and the Anglo-American banking elites. But lest we sound too extreme (is this a real danger?) let us hasten to explain one more time the genesis of the war on terror, the creation of bin Laden and why the US$3 trillion sums up in hard dollars the contempt of Anglosphere elites for the Western masses that they purport to lead.

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Comment by TL Winslow
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Trillions are largely made-up figures, like costing each U.S. soldier at 1 million a year, hey, I'll do it for only a hundred grand. Sadly, the U.S. chose to pretend that it's not at war with Islam, only with al-Qaida, and fell for the Muslim disinfo. artists who told them that it's really a religion of peace, and that bin Laden & co. perverted it. Hence they spent most of their dough on ridiculous jizya payments to Muslim countries, precisely what Pres. Madison went to war back in 1815 to stop. Maybe the insidious Saudis were behind the soft-headedness of U.S. leaders, cutting a secret deal to keep the oil flowing - if so, none dare call it treason, let me get my ancient Roman history books out.

When our leaders wake up that Islam has been at war with them since before the U.S. was founded, and reciprocate, we can finally win it, starting with ending all immigration from the Muslim world as potential enemy combatants and subverters of the Constitution, then going to the heart of the problem by isolating, quarantining, contracting, and occupying the Muslim world with a gigantic multinational army that takes the children away and raises them without seeing a Quran in order to break the cycle of indoctrination of young helpless minds. This army will be too large for the West alone, probably 50 million troops, along with 30 million teachers, requiring partnership with India and China, along with accepting them as partners in a new world order where the U.S. is no longer the only world cop. The cost will be in the trillions yes, but we can make the Muslims pay for it with their oil and other resources until we finally pull out a generation or so later. Not that down the line China won't seek world domination, but at least it will be in an Islam-free world.

Read the Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam for more details:

Fly with the eagles by reading the Historyscoper's Islam Watch Blog daily:

Comment by Jeffery Scism
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Why are we being fed this crap? You can not count the cost in all the wars against Bin Laden. Iran was a totally separate issue, although progressives like this guy would like to say we  did that one because of Bin Laden, it is a misdirection. This has been  more a war against oppression than a war against 'invisible boojums'

The Taliban in Afghanistan and  Bin Laden were definitely linked. It can be argued that the terrorist groups that operate in  Yemen, and in Iran in resistance to the US war on Terror are also descendants of Bin Laden'a Al Qaida. As are those in Indonesia and other  parts of the world of Islam. Bin Laden was a terror mastermind, attacking  the 'west' at every opportunity, but not the only terrorist threat facing the west.  As George W. Bush stated, terrorists can be anywhere and  hiding within any country's borders, and when a country  supports terrorism, harbors terrorist operations, or allows terrorists to openly remain, they are in complication with the terrorism.

When a country like the USA  promotes a policy of hunting down terrorists, and puts the world on notice, then proceeds, the world should  know that  we are acting and should modify THEIR policies.

What this has done in the past ten years  is identified several "terror" supporting nations. It is a lot harder for terrorists to have sanctuaries behind diplomatic borders.

 It may have been different if Bin Laden hadn't declared war on the USA. We might still be getting by smaller  hit and run operations without a military response, treating  them as local police actions, when the perpetrators  are no longer where they hit. NOW we identify responsible parties and hunt them down.

 It is costly, but the costs to the USA, if we just keep absorbing the damages and loss of life, would be unending and much more expensive to our  way of life than  just sitting in fear. Terrorism is Psy-ops, and  if we  succumb to fear, we have lost.




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