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Ron Paul’s land of second-rate values - by Michael Gerson

• Washington Post
Paul was the only candidate at the debate to make news, calling for the repeal of laws against prostitution, cocaine and heroin. The freedom to use drugs, he argued, is equivalent to the freedom of people to “practice their religion and say their prayers.” Liberty must be defended “across the board.” “It is amazing that we want freedom to pick our future in a spiritual way,” he said, “but not when it comes to our personal habits.”

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Comment by Joseph Cronin
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 Dr. Paul is right ; we the people are responsible for all our decisions and good upbringing brings right choices . You can keep the nanny state ; the American citizens of 1900 were far more moral and responsible than todays self absorbed communist . Right on Dr. Paul .

Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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Here we go, a perfect example of the lamestream media!!!!  Time to get out there with signs, leaflets to counter with the truth.  

Sign ideas:

The Power of Truth     Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul R3VOLUTION = Culture Change

Getting the Band Back Together   RON PAUL 2012

Street Activism = R3VOLUTION 


Comment by Powell Gammill
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God it's nice to know they still care.  Now if only Rudy would pipe up....

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