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What Did You Do With My Judge?

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A phenomenon occurs in court where a person appears before a judge who seems to be on top of their case, aware of the issues, interested in the arguments and, maybe, even dubious of the prosecution.  To a defendant, it's an exhilarating experience,  Hope, dreams of a positive outcome are lit, and the defendant walks out of the courtroom with his head held high and his spirit soaring.

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Comment by Don Duncan
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Anyone who has knowledge of court cases where state power is at stake has seen gross injustice. Even though I believed myself to be a public school survivor I did not see the general principle at work, at first. It took decades before I realized that I was not witnessing just corrupt judges. It was the system. How can a member of government be trusted to do anything that would damage government? By limiting government power a judge limits himself. It is against his self interest, e.g., his career. Any organization conceived to benefit the public or a segment thereof quickly puts itself first, even at the expense of the public.  If a mechanism can ever be devised to keep the two interests synonymous we would have a civilized society, at long last.

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