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Memo To The President From Dick Cheney


From deep inside his self imposed Bunker, Dick “Darth Vader’ Cheney emails President Obama with advice on walking on the dark side and useful counsel regarding lies, deceptions and end game strategies . In a world of growing deceit and political manipulation ~ quite often only satire is capable of disseminating the truth . Wake up, America, we’re obviously still being bamboozled .


Memo to President Obama


From: Dick Cheney ( currently working on his memoirs tentatively titled My Ride On The Dark Side )

Congratulations on your visit to the dark side, Barack ~ as witnessed by your recently staged but increasingly bungled assassination of Osama Bin Laden. Of course, we both know that Bin Laden died in 2001 of a natural death from Kidney failure but who cares about the truth ~ it’s the myth that counts whether he or it is dead or alive ~ think Al Qaeda (chuckle).

By the way, those Pentagon released videos are really pretty feeble ( chuckle ) ~ Particularly the one supposedly showing Bin Laden watching himself on TV ~ The guy with the remote isn’t recognizable, you cannot actually see what’s on the TV screen ~ and according to the FBI, the real Osama was left-handed, while the man in the video is using his right hand for the remote control ~ Whose producing this junk?


If you’re going to ride on the dark side, for God sake don’t ride side saddle! 

You must recall that the Washington Post reported last year on how CIA officials recruited“darker-skinned employees” to create fake Bin Laden tapes. The fact that the CIA created fake Bin Laden tapes is an admitted fact, not a conspiracy theory ~ which obviously negates the authenticity of these videos. So your Dubious Bin Laden “Home Movies” are identical to tapes released 4 years ago by Pentagon Front Group ~ here’s the story 

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