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For the World is Hollow ... and I Have Touched the Sky! Part II


As noted in Part I -- as a direct result of the recent "ultra-close-approaches" of the European Space Agency (ESA) Mars Express spacecraft to "Phobos" -- the tiny, inner Moon of Mars -- a variety of scientific experiments aboard that spacecraft have now converged, after analysis of their results by the Enterprise Mission ... on an artificial "moon" hypothesis for "the origins of Phobos"--

As a ~15-mile-long, extremely old and battered ... ancient spaceship.

Imminent, official confirmation of this data -- which we at Enterprise have held (and published on ...) for over twenty years -- will change EVERYTHING.

This IS a "ship" ....

We're looking down ... at about a 30-degree angle ... at the HUGE, almost vertical "side(s) of ... a 15-mile-long space ship!"--

Whose battered, ancient surface can be seen to be composed (even in this relatively "noisy" image) of sculpted ... geometric ... multiply redundant (and meaningfully organized ...) DETAIL -- endless square miles of sheer, GEOMETRIC detail ... present all across this latest, stunning close-up Mars Express photograph of Phobos.

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