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Agricultural property in Chile

 I was driving through the Chilean countryside recently and it dawned on me that in most of Chile, even the relatively “dull and drab” parts are downright beautiful.

I have been to 60 countries, including extended visits to Guatemala, Jordan, Iran, Italy, and New Zealand, and have lived in both the USA and Chile for many years. I have literally been almost everywhere in the latter two countries, seeing all the best spots, and I believe Chile to be far more beautiful.

Why Chile is so often neglected by tourists and expatriates compared to other countries is a mystery to me. Chile is a wonderful, modern, civilized place. It is great to live here, and the free market reforms continue to spur strong economic growth.
Chile is a country of sprawling, magnanimous, diverse and ubiquitous beauty, and there is no place quite like it. It’s ironic that one of the ‘dullest’ places in Chile looks like California’s Central Valley. Imagine being in a country where the ‘ugliest’ part looks like central California!

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