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Ron Paul: 'Government invites conspiracy theories'

Adam Kokesh, the host of RT's "Adam vs. the Man" show, sits down with Representative Ron Paul in the Cannon Rotunda on Capitol Hill. Ron Paul is a candidate for the Republican Party nomination for President of the United States in the 2012 election.

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Comment by Jim Palmisano
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Now that was a good interview.  Ron is not a sound bite man and can't be.  His philosophy requires explanation and Adam did a great job at allowing Ron to explain the whys and hows of his thoughts.

 Nice job Mr. Kokesh!

Comment by Anonymous
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     I think I remember sometime ago that one of Ron Paul's noisy group supporters who call themselves the "Wisemen of the Hinterland" had declared their abomination of "The Third Law" -- the Law of Supply and Demand!  They want Paul, their hero in Congress, to AMEND this law!

They truly believe that Dr. Paul is a doctor of economic medicine who in their mind, is the only one who can heal this "very sick nation". 

     Even though on record Paul always loses his perennial bid to become the GOP nominee for president in every primary election, Rightists in the farthest right like his platform a lot, like the Government is to blame for the people's imagination running wild with those fantastic 911 conspiracy theories, and that 911 shouldn't be blamed on Al Qaeda but on the American people who poked their nose on the affairs of Islam in the Middle East ... and etc. Like Obama's obssession for change, as President he wants a new United States without a Central Bank or Federal Reserves, without income tax or IRS, without a United Nations and U.S. foreign policy that we presently have ... and still many "withouts" for a change!  And oh boy [*#!], how they cheered him ... gave him a standing ovation...!

Comment by Ed Price
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There are 2 kinds of law: 

1. Civil
2. Criminal

Criminal does harm or damage to people and/or property.

Civil has to do with agreements and the breaking of them. Mostly, it has to do with running Government.

In the 20th century, Government moved into a position of existing by agreement only. They made themselves to no longer have the right to operate in the area of criminal. So, to act on criminal issues, they formed a Criminal section within their Civil law section.

What this means is that anyone who is tried in court in the United States or one of the 50 States is only there by agreement. There is no other way... because the Government can act on purely criminal issues no longer.

To see how you have agreed with Government to be tried in their courts in the event of a supposed infraction, be it Civil or Criminal, thoroughly read:


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