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The NIA releases “College Conspiracy”

• The Economic Peephole
The National Inflation Association (NIA) released the documentary “College Conspiracy” This documentary was produced to dispel what it sees as the myths surrounding the value of a college degree in relation to the cost of college. Is college worth the cost? Watch College Conspiracy here. Said the NIA, “… If you believe college is such a great thing for our nation, with enrollments at a record high of 70.1%, you really need to ask yourself how it is possible our nation is in the dire shape it’s in today. We are a nation of unhealthy junk food eating prescription drug addicts who have elected the most incompetent group of representatives to Congress in history. If college education was working, then why is it that our ivy league educated Congressmen have been trying to fix our problems that were created by having too much debt, by increasing our budget deficits and getting us trillions of dollars deeper into debt? Colleges have brainwashed students with dangerous Keynesian ec

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