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Satanic Psychopaths Loot U.S. Pensions

The Satanic Psychopaths want to bring this system down by stealing every last penny available. Next on the agenda will be private Retirement Plans like IRAs or 401Ks, State Retirement Plans and Annuities. The manipulation of silver prices is designed to keep the public in these other vehicles long enough to wipe them out. Then comes the bank failures and the massive shorts on the stock market and bond market. The dollar is already in a steep decline and you can expect food, energy and other prices to escalate and hyperinflate. At the same time, they are destroying our food supplies by poisoning the Gulf of Mexico, flooding the Midwest and releasing massive amounts of radiation into the environment. With the opening of a new "Plum Island" in the Mid-west, expect a massive outbreak of mad-cow and other diseases to wipe out livestock. The threat of a Midwest earthquake, West Coast quake and Tsunami, and False Flag Terrorist Event (following the faked death of Osama bin Lying), will only add to the chaos. You better have your food storage, seed supply, temporary shelter, portable wood burning stove, and a safe place to go. This Fall/Winter you will more than likely be using them. Allicin C kills everything they can throw at you. Its another great addition to your preps. Last but not least, you better liquidate your IRAs and 401Ks while it is still legal to do so. Buy silver and take possession. Thanks to the Psychopaths, the precious metal presents a huge buying opportunity at the present time. I can see the day coming soon where there won't be anything left in your retirement plans for you to liquidate. Do it now.

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