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French Neo-Colonialism Now Destabilizing Western Africa


Powerful elements in la Cote d'Ivoire are accusing President J.E.A Mills of shielding pro-Gbagbo dissidents and alleged war criminals still bent on overthrowing the new Ouattara government, the New Statesman reports. According to the 14 May edition of the pro-Ouattara newspaper Patriote, the pro-Gbagbo henchmen who, the paper claimed, have now found a safe haven in Accra have a 'crazy dream' to return to power. The report, written by the paper's editor and a confidante of the Ivorian President, Charles Sanga, accuses President Mills of being "guilty" in what appears to be a coup conspiracy against Ghana's neighbour. The report questions, what it calls, "the silence of Ghana's head of state, John Atta Mills, because Ghana seems to be complicit in what has every appearance of a coup in preparation." It continues, "For a country as democratic as Ghana, to serve as a base to destabilize a democratically elected president of another country is really incomprehensible," Charles Sanga's reports. – Ghana News

Dominant Social Theme: The French and the United Nations have brought peace to the Ivory Coast and now we must spread peace throughout the region.

Free-Market Analysis: We have waited for several months to write this story because we do not like to get ahead of ourselves when analyzing what seem to be the increasingly-failing memes of the Anglosphere power elite. But it long ago occurred to us that when one deliberately removes a constitutionally elected head-of-state and then lies about it – in this case Laurent Gbagbo – there are bound to be repercussions. And likely there are. Big ones.

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