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Congress To Vote On Declaration of Worldwide Perpetual War

The US courts are ruling time and again against the Constitution; against the public and in favor of USI and the FASCISM of this LAWLESS-POLICE- STATE. If you want to see how "states' like ours end up just look atPALESTINE! Look at What's happening to Egypt today, as their military supports the Zionista's continuing slaughter of the Palestinian people. And as if that were not enough the same thing is beginning to come from Syria andLebanon as well. "MILITARY RULE" is the current goal of the Zionista's in every country where the 40 to sixty-year reign of Dictator's were just overthrown. But now every country in the region is facing the same kinds of control over their own people as the Palestinian's are facing in GAZA & the West Bank: This is NO Accident of history: These are the new-colonialist policies that are meant to defeat the people of the world and turn this whole place into one GIANT global-farm where people are the livestock; to be used and abused and murdered at will. This could happen if we continue to FAIL to RESPOND to what is being done to us inside our own homes, as well as in the streets and through TSA wherever those slimy creatures choose to appear. All the elements are there to be found and studied on the net. I guess if you have not yet been moved by events: then maybe you're just part of the Road-Kill, and since every resistance has lots of collateral-damage, no one should waste time worrying about those that have still not decided. The rest of us need to begin to make some noise and DEMAND some answers from these cowards that are AFRAID of every-single-shadow in the world; as only COWARDS can be!

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