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How Totalitarian Police States Are Built


Totalitarian state powers grow by great leaps and bounds in the midst of obvious threats to the safety of the people, such as major wars and great financial crises. This has happened repeatedly in the U.S. from Lincoln's Civil War to Bush and Obama's Global "War On Terrorism" and their "Saving" the American people and the world from the Great Financial Crisis the government created through the wild pump-priming of the Federal Reserve and Big Banks. When the crisis is over some of those powers are reduced, but not eliminated, so the totalitarian powers ratchet up one big step at each major crisis and over a century and a half the U.S. government would by those big steps alone have created most of the totalitarian police powers it now possesses.

The Secret Police and federal banking system are extreme examples of that. There were no Secret Police or federal banking system before the Civil War, though the U.S. Bank Jackson eliminated was in small part a federal bank de facto. We now have sixteen publicly known secret police armies at the federal level and no doubt many top secret ones not admitted to exist, as the NSA and others were long top-secrets. The Fed and Ten Big Banks it guarantees and oversees control about 75% of all banking loans now and are a gigantic financial tyranny working almost entirely in secret on the crucial issues.

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