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Do You Have The Right to Protect Yourself With A Gun In the Case Of Foreclosure Theft?

Nope. These are private jackasses, not law enforcement officers. From my reading of Florida Law this woman and any other like her are within her rights to shoot the invaders and have no duty to confirm their identity or purpose as there is a presumption that the person so invading has the felonious intention of great bodily harm or homicide. If law enforcement has been effectively bribed and co-opted by these banks and will not do their job, in this case arresting those who break into homes when there has been no actual foreclosure, no writ of possession and no evidence of abandonment of the property, what other choice in defending their property do lawful homeowners have? More to the point how long will it before an actual rapist or other violent offender copies this mode of "entry" and starts using it? Not long at all, and when, not if, this happens law enforcement will be responsible in part for the******and/or murder that results as they have refused to put a stop to this crap by arresting the bank-sponsored thugs.

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