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World's Smallest 3-D Printer Could Find Its Way Into Your Home


At the Vienna Institute of Technology, a group of engineers claims they've created not only the world's smallest 3-D printer, but also one that's so light and inexpensive that it could conceivably pave the way for truly domestic 3-D printing. Lost an earring or a cuff-link? Print one out (and congratulations on your fancy life). That's the future, and it might not be far off at all.

3-D printer manufacturers sometimes think big, but there's just as much of a movement to think small, to bring this sort of fabrication to the masses. Our roundup of 3-D printing dream projects includes both--Enrico Dini may want to put a 3-D printer on the Moon to build houses out of moon-dust, but Hod Lipson wants cheap 3-D printers in every classroom. This project, hailing from Vienna, is more in the second group.

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