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Fresh Evidence Cosmic Rays Seed Clouds

• arclein
The latest experiment provides evidence for a major component of this theory – how ionization enhances cloud formation. To be converted into droplets and form clouds, water vapour in the Earth's atmosphere needs some kind of surface on which to condense, and this is usually provided by tiny solid or liquid particles already present in the atmosphere, including aircraft emissions. Svensmark's theory suggests that cosmic

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Comment by Ed Price
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Herein lies the real danger from CHEMTRAILS.

You can mess with nature in lots of ways. But if you over-do it, nature will kick back at you in ways more powerful than you can imagine.

So, what's going to happen to us because of all this chemtrail, atmosphere seeding? Nobody knows! Nature might kick back with a form of global warming 7 times hotter than what we would have received without the chemtrails.


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