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Toward a Police Reform Movement An Excerpt from Down With Power


When you see three police cars pulled over at the side of a city street to deal with a single miscreant bicycle rider, you realize that there are too many cops. When all the heroes on television carry badges and a government franchise, you know we're in real trouble as a culture.

Every day we hear of some act of brutality—people beaten and kicked when they're unconscious, or "Tased" until they die—carried out by federal, state, or local "law enforcement" (which is a terrible misnomer, since most of the laws enforced today are unconstitutional, and therefore unlawful in and of themselves) against individuals or groups whose only crime was exercising their unalienable individual, civil, Constitutional, and human rights. "Policemen" at every level of government have become, more than any mere military organization, the "standing army" that was hated and feared by America's Founding Fathers.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Here is where most people get the POLICE and POLICE BRUTALITY thing wrong. It's all in this one, simple statement: 

"There is a chain of command."

Police people get their authority from Police Officers in the department who have higher authority.

Higher Police Officers might get their authority from the Police Commissioner.

The Police Commissioner gets his authority from the Mayor. 

The Mayor's authority is modified and limited by the City Council.

The City Council gets its authority from... WE THE PEOPLE.

Certainly focus on the direct correcting of the individual Police Officer who disobeys his oath of office by disregarding the rights of people. 

But... if you don't correct the City Council, the Mayor and the Police Commissioner, you are allowing them ALL to break their oaths of office, and the POLICE problem will NEVER go away.

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