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Voice Biometrics: Big Brother Knows Your Words Will Betray You

In the IVR platform, voice biometrics provides the unique representations of the characteristics of the vocal tract for each individual. When people produce sound, they air from the lungs is passed through one or more resonators, which could be the larynx, the nose or the mouth. These physical components can combine to produce a unique sound that can be analyzed, measured and stored. Using IVR as a form of identification means that a sample of speech is analyzed as part of the enrollment process. The sample is measured and the results are entered into a complex algorithm. To verify identity, a new sample is taken for analysis and measurement. Identify is confirmed through the calculation matches. This form of identification is said to be on par with that of fingerprints. Fraud online is a fast growing crime and countries throughout the world are investigating the possibilities to fight malicious activities. And, because it is impossible to verify physical identity over the phone or online, it is important to implement technologies such as voice biometrics to verify identity and ensure the person making the purchase or conducting the transaction has the authority to do so. Voice and IVR also offer a higher degree of use acceptance simply because speaking is a natural process that occurs every day. To achieve voice authentication, participants do not have to engage in unusual behavior. The same is true for IVR – it is successful because it relies on everyday activities to complete the job.

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