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Spanish EU Protests Spread to France?


French group calls for Spain-style street protests ... A French group has called for a large demonstration in Paris this weekend to show solidarity with tens of thousands of youth protesters demonstrating against austerity programs in Spain. – Reuters

Dominant Social Theme: Let's not worry about these loud European youths. They are neither grown-up nor credible.

Free-Market Analysis: Did Western intel expect or hope that its youth revolutions would spread to US allies like Saudi Arabia or begin to destabilize European countries such as Greece and now Spain and perhaps France (see article excerpt above). We are of two minds about it. We cannot imagine that the big brains that invented the faux protests of Tunisia and Egypt – or similar "color revolutions" of the past did not understand that they would spread in the current environment. On the other hand, such social upheavals now threaten the fabric of the EU itself.

Is it blowback after all? The International Monetary Fund honchos are quite aware of the stages that countries go through as the IMF clamps down with its austerity measures. As higher taxes and reduced public services begin to tear at a given country's social fabric, dissent rises. Apparently, this is an expected part of the program.


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