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The Neutered Boys Of The Texas Legislature Fail When Confronting The TSA

Well there you have it. Texas has no nuts. Upset about invasive screening techniques at the airport, the Lone Star State was considering a bill that would make a TSA patdown that involves touching “the anus, sexual organ, buttocks, or breast of another person including through the clothing” a misdemeanor, allowing Texas law enforcement to arrest TSA officials and charge them with sexual harassment. It would have meant that TSA officials could be fined $4,000 and spend up to a year in jail for doing their jobs of feeling up prospective fliers. .... Republican Dan Patrick, who was the sponsor of the bill in the Senate, withdrew it when he realized he would not have the votes he needed to pass it. “There was a time in this state, there was a time in our history, where we stood up to the federal government and we did not cower to rules and policies that invaded the privacy of Texans,” he said with regret, reports the Texas Tribune. No last stand for Texas this week. There were, of course, threats involved. Explicit ones. “Naturally, Texans didn’t take to well to being threatened in that manner,” said Rep. David Simpson, the author of the bill, in a written statement. Bull****. Your state is full ball-less wonders in the Legislature Mr. Simpson. Are you sure your first name isn't "Homer"? As they say in Texas: All hat, no cattle. The States used to consider this sort of thing a direct challenge to State Sovereignty and something to take up under the 10th and 14th Amendments - or worse. Not any more, despite the bullcrap and bluster out of Governor Perry not all that long ago. Texas is no longer an independent State in a Federalist system. It has sold out to an imperial Feral Government. Are there any actual STATES left or has that founding document called The Constitution become entirely inconsequential? You decide. As for me? I'm canceling my plans to buy land in Texas. And yes, I was seriously going to do so, and in fact intended to spend some time there this summer hunting for exactly that. Not any more; the Texas Legislature has just EXPLICITLY ENDORSED the TSA's rape-scans and genital gropes. My money is staying out of Texas.

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