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Boycott: Texas Is All Hat And No Cattle When Confronting The TSA

Yep, I said it. Why? Because the Texas Legislature, in pulling their bill to stop the rape-scans and probable-cause-less sexual assaults in airport terminals, no longer deserves taxpayer funding and the only way to legally deny them those funds is to stop doing business with Texas companies. That includes Dell Computer, along with others. Why? They're based in Texas. And Texas' legislature just decided that you, your wife, your daughter, were all fair game for the TSA to fondle, manipulate and commit acts upon that would be considered sexual assault in any other setting. Searches with probable cause are one thing; they're permissible. Those without are another and are not. The TSA's invasions are both analytically worthless and of questionable provocation, in that we still do not know who the "Sharp Dressed Man" was that allowed the bomber who attempted to light his underwear to board an International flight bound for the US without proper travel documentation. Incidentally, I don't believe the Fed's threat. Among other things Bush International (airport code IAH) is a major hub for Continental. Close that and you'd wreak havoc through the air transport system. One more state goes along and it's game over for the TSA and they know it. These Texas legislators need to call the bluff, and if the TSA is crazy enough to attempt to make good on their threat file for an immediate injunction in the courts. The simple fact of the matter is that these legislators are wimps. There's only one legal way to fight this crap - with your wallet, by snapping it closed.

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Comment by ken mac
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 Now we see the truth, its no bull, the texas legislature is all steer!

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