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Evergreen Facility Caught on Film: Chemtrail Planes!

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VIDEO connecting the Evergreen Facility with chemtrail activity. 
ATTENTION VIEWERS! PINAL AIRPARK is EVERGREEN FACILITY and we shoot the photos to show you the PROOF. Black helicopters follow us, and surround the compound as well.

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Comment by Geta Life
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get off the pipe and learn a little something about basic mechanics! stop watching conspiracy movies, reading 1960's articles about being abducted by aliens and going to your secret meetings. drugs are bad!!! 4 out of 5 doctors confirm staying awake for more than 48 hours at a time will cause hallucinations, paranoia, teeth grinding, enlarged pupils, loss of family and home. studies also show sleep deprivation can and will cause you to see chem trails and shadow people. my thoughts are get a ride into nearest rehab fast!!
Comment by Brock Lorber
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I own, not work for, Immergroen, an African company that affects strategic replacement of aviation assets for international clients.

Why, do you have airplanes you want to add to our fleet?

Comment by jo blo
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BROCK is a turd !!!! So tell us "BROCK", who do YOU work for?

Comment by Brock Lorber
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This is the dumbest fracking thing I've ever seen, and I thought I had previously seen the absolute depths of stupid. The only thing to recommend this video is as a warning to what belief in chemtrail lunacy does to an otherwise rational mind.

On the other hand, Barbara, I have a limited run of Freedom's Phoenix-brand tinfoil hats for sale. Please contact me for an order link.

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