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TSA and Fortress America

If we do not act to end TSA and the government's attempted blackmail of the State of Texas-IMMEDIATELY; then it is clear that what the public here will be facing will become very much like what has been happening to Palestine for 64 years and what has already happened to Detroit-but which has gone unnoticed by any of America's supposed "media" that has never followed up on any crisis that this nation has either caused or perpetuated. All the aid or assistance that we have repeatedly promised to places like Haiti, or New Orleans, Iran, or Iraq, or The Gulf-Coast after Deepwater-Horizon; along with dozens of other places during the initial hours when such calls for international assistance come from throughout the world; but somehow magically American aid never arrives because it is going into the pockets to those Americans that caused these events in the first place. If we had a real "MEDIA" in the US then covering the follow-up stories of these catastrophes would just be a normal part of actual reporting. But because this is now USI there are no follow-ups to any major story from all the artificial bubbles that have burst on Wall-Street right down to what is going on now in the area of the New Madrid Fault Zone-not to mention the horrifically underreported story of the colossal failures in Japan. Has America completely lost all of its nerve-have we already gone beyond the point of being able to resist the forces of evil that apparently have our testicals firmly in one blood-stained hand while they use the other one to sexually molest the innocent! WHY has the public been silent?

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