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Richard Russell: Buy Silver, The Selloff Is Over

“Silver — According the Constitution of the United States, only gold AND silver are money. Silver is a lot cheaper than gold, and for a while the “crowd” rushed in to buy silver as a ” safe haven substitute” for gold. Silver turned into a speculative bubble, and when the bubble broke, silver suffered a crushing drop from a price of 49.75 to 32. I wrote that silver’s upward post-crash correction might surprise most silver-haters and silver shorts. As I write silver has rallied to above 37. The bull market in gold is still very much intact, and I believe gold will take silver UP with it. Remember I said that during recessions, silver is treated as an industrial metal, but during periods of inflation silver is treated as a monetary metal. With inflation built into America’s future, I see silver following gold to higher levels. And I see the public once more rushing in to buy silver as a safe-haven currency against a shaky dollar.

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