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Destructive capability is no substitute for freedom


I had the opportunity to tour Chile’s national military school yesterday. As you may know, I spent some time in the military myself in places that were not especially pleasant, so the visit was quite meaningful for me.

My host was a particular gung-ho Chilean Army officer; curiously, he told me that many of his fellow officers in Chile petitioned the government to authorize a deployment of soldiers to Iraq and Afghanistan. They want to participate in the action, if for no other reason than for the opportunity to improve training at home.

Chile’s politicians wouldn’t hear of it, their response being something slightly more eloquent than “no way in hell are we sending Chileans to die in that f’ing desert.” My host seemed rather disgruntled.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Think about this. The only reason that Chile's military is non-aggressively free is that the Constitution of the United States of America, free as it allows the U.S. Government to be, still keeps them (the U.S. Government) from going beyond certain limits. 

What does the U.S. Constitution have to do with freedom in Chile the other countries of the world? Here's what. 

The true aggressors, the IMF, Big Pharma, the Bilderberg Group, and many others fascist entities are spending so much time focusing on ways to deactivate the U.S. Constitution - the ONE main thing that is holding them all back - that they are leaving many of the other nations of the world relatively alone. 

Once the Constitution falls, they (the fascists) will swoop in like vultures - using the power of the people who will still think that they are in the country of the Eagle, the USA - on all the peace-loving countries of the world, way more than they have done already. 

What we need is a whole lot of people who have expatriated to other countries, to return and fight, so that their "other countries" remain free. And those who are thinking of leaving should stay, learn the law, and fight to keep the whole world from going into slavery... the thing that will happen if the Constitution for the United States of America falls. 


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