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Yemen the Key to Middle East Uprisings?


Foreign Office urges Britons to leave Yemen while they can ... Anyone with British relatives or friends in strife-torn Yemen is being urged to contact them and plead with them to get out of the country while they still can. The emotional warning issued by the Foreign Office yesterday is another sign that the credit that Yemen's long serving President has in Whitehall has run out. – UK Independent

Dominant Social Theme: Who cares about Yemen anyway. It's poor and it's hot and it has no oil.

Free-Market Analysis: We have written about numerous countries in the Middle East and Africa that are now enmeshed in social unrest and regime changes. Yemen is one such country, and it may provide us with clues to the most puzzling aspect of what is going on, which is what the Anglosphere power elite is trying to do. Here is one such article you may want to peruse before reading the rest of this one: Yemen Crisis to Block World's Oil?

Yemen's destabilization, as we wrote previously, can lead to problems with shipping of oil through the narrow reaches of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden and thus much higher prices. It could also lead to the destabilization of Saudi Arabia (as it sits directly below Saudi Arabia) and this in turn, may destabilize the dollar-reserve currency.

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