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Pima County Sheriff Talks Briefly About SWAT Shooting

• via Yahoo! News
Posted on June 2, 2011 at 11:09 AM
Updated today at 11:29 AM
Pima County sheriff Clarence Dupnik gave more insight into the reasons for not releasing more information on the SWAT raid that ended with a former marine being killed.

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Comment by Ed Vallejo
Entered on:

p.s. Am I the only one who recognizes the fallacy of the statement:

 "Ed, in my previous comment, you claimed..."

How can I claim something in YOUR comment that I never said!?!


Comment by Ed Vallejo
Entered on:

Photo #20 is the actual weapon found at the residence.

It is CLEARLY not an AK-47, which is why I asked for clarification.

It would be helpful to actually read the words I print.

Comment by Anonymous
Entered on:

Ed, in my previous comment, you claimed of not being aware that the dead ex-Marine Jose Guerena has an "assault weapon", an AK-47 identified in so many previous documented reports -- which surprised me you said you were not aware of – found on the floor by the side of his dead body.

I don’t think Venancio will stoop down to your gutter level of innocence about the source of his information [a public knowledge info] while you blind-side the public with your R3volutionary fervor jabbering with innuendoes that the SWAT Team killed an unarmed defenseless innocent man. You and Jim March who just recently released a police video, are R3volutionary birds of the same feathers that flock together in taking our reading public for a ride.

I am sorry to tell you Ed that you are the only reporter-editor who did not know that Jose Guerena had an assault weapon found on the floor where his dead body lies, while March duped the public into believing that Jose Guerena was a victim of the SWAT raid who he claimed, has "no police record." Guerena’s existing police record aggravated his drug-trafficking and criminal activities, leading to the issuance of the surprise raid warrant issued by the Pima County Superior Court. This poorly crafted lie coming from R3volutionary foot soldiers like March who would not hesitate to hoodwink the public to carry out their r3volutionary mission, pest off the public … enough is enough! Those glued to this website are not nincompoops or stupid, and it is foolish for anyone to take them for granted.

Okay, Ed …Yes, what was found on the floor near the dead body of the ex-Marine was not an assault weapon – it was a flyswatter. This would probably make you happy … now quit your job as editor-reporter of

But before you resign to preserve the integrity of this website, I want you to have a last glance at this latest video-release entitled Photos from inside Tucson home following SWAT shooting.

Unless you excuse yourself by claiming again that you were sort of blinded by your uncontrollable passion as a R3VOLUTIONARY agent more than just an editor or reporter, and because of that you were short of breath and hearing, you will probably be shocked to discover and learn for the first time from this very latest video-release that Jose Guerena was reported to be "holding" an "assault weapon" … when the raiding team busted the door of his home. As in several previously published reports, this deadly evidence has been identified as an AK-47 assault weapon.

In your retirement, never again should you ask me for the source of this public information you claimed you knew only for the first time.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
Entered on:

I still await some kind of documentation showing an 'AK-47' next to the dead body.  I thought maybe Venancio read something other than ALL THE DOCUMENTATION I refer to on my Front Page. 

As for Bakadude - I won't even waste time responding to his comical conjectures and personal fantasies.

But I'll continue to print them.

Still here,



Comment by Anonymous
Entered on:

 Ed, if you really do not know why Jose Cuerena was killed and the circumstances detailing how the SWAT raid went through, and yet claim you are a reporting editor, quit. A born-today journalist would even know how to get to the source of the public information on record that Venancio had access to. If you are NOT a R3VOLUTIONARY "journalist" you claim to be, I am sure you can honestly report the Cuerena killing like truth-bound reporters do.  But you are!

Comment by Anonymous
Entered on:

I read Venancio’s comment with keen interest. He is a very resourceful and therefore reliable journalist for discovering and reporting what a contemptible ex-Marine scumbag Jose Guerena really is who gave the United States Marine Corp a black-eye -- a member of the family gang extensively engaged in drug-trafficking and other criminal activities, turning drug addicts, especially youngsters they hooked in the streets and school campuses, into fucked up zombies thereby multiplying and adding up their numbers to the millions of the living dead across the country!

On the other hand, editor Ed VAllego [Psychictaxi (#05272], claims he is NOT AWARE of the source of information Venancio was reporting about Guerena, his drug-dealing family gang and their criminal activities of which the Pima County Superior Judge issued a warrant to dispatch a SWAT raiding team to Guerena’s house and to three more homes of his underworld family ring members.

It is obvious that shady editors and funky reporters who parade themselves as "journalists" are trying to pull the blind in the eyes of the public to make it appear that Guerena and those criminal members of his family are innocent victims of the SWAT raid, rather than the real ugly culprits. They are simply looking for this kind of incidents to serve as cannon-fodders to their kind of R3VOLUTION of which those "friendly" editors are’s talking firebrands. Unfortunately, our reading public can see all these through and I doubt if this is doing any good to this website. I don’t have to say this if I do not like this website – Ernie’s baby online publication – but I do, and I care.

It seems to me that emotionally blinded by their revolutionary fervor, R3volutionary reporters deny themselves access to the publicly accessible records of Pima County where they could see what kind of an "innocent ex-Marine" Jose Guerena is that they are reporting about. They just designed their own "truth" about this guy and his family, to fit into the theme of their writings and reports that the members of the Guerena family are victims of the "fascist state". See where what you read is coming from?

If you are an honest reader reading this eye-opener, would not make you feel sick deep down the pit of your stomach, I honestly don’t know what would if you think you were badly hoodwinked and terribly bamboozled as to the truth of the Guerena killing that they are really trying very hard to mess up and becloud.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
Entered on:


You state "In fact it has been established beyond any reasonable doubt that he was an active member of the drug-trafficking ring of his family, an ex-Marine with an arsenal of high powered weapons like AK-47 found by the side of his dead body that he was not able to use because the surprise SWAT raiding team was quicker on the trigger than he was." 

I have been diligent in my research, and have read every word that has been released by authorities.  Your statement implies that you are priviledged to information I am not aware of.  Could you PLEASE give links or references that I can view that reflects the information you provide?  I am more than willing to publicize any retraction of information I have reported that can be proven to be wrong.  I take Journalism very seriously so as to maintain a reputation for integrity and impartial reporting of the FACTS.


Ed Vallejo - Editor


Freedom's Phoenix 

Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

Actually, Radley Balko addressed this as the load of hooey it is.   The search warrants and the affidavits required  for probable cause to gt the no knock warrants were sealed four days AFTR the raid, only after national and international news started calling about the story.  So either Pima Co. SD were incompetent and exposed their informant for four days or they didn't care until the media cared meaning this is a cover up.

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