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Sarkozy: The internet shouldn't be "a parallel universe outside laws and morals"

President Sarkozy, who by pushing through the Hadopi law and its three-strikes internet disconnection rule for alleged illegal file sharers in France, has already introduced the most draconian copyright infringement laws in Europe. A joint statement from rights groups La Quadrature du Net and Access Now said: "The world's most developed economies are poised to impose strict copyright enforcement and heavy-handed government regulation of the internet. "Voices of civil society are speaking out, urging the G8 leaders to adopt citizen-centred policies ensuring privacy and freedom of communication such as net neutrality, and combating online censorship, private policing and surveillance."

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Comment by H. Skip Robinson
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 The world finally has a system that trully allows equal and fair access by all and the governments don't like it. They have the same access, just that no one thinks that anything they say is really worth a crap. Now they want to screw up the internet just like everything else they get their greedy little paws on.  From raw goats milk to drugs, there are always those that wish to control the morals of other rather than protecting individual rights. They seem to always forget that the key component of individual rights is that you cannot agress upon others, yet they are the largest usurpers of the non-agression axiom in their sociopathic rampage to control economic and social affairs. Sarkozy, Obama, and the rest of the so called leaders of our world are the problem and not the solution as they facilitate masses amounts of redistribution of wealth from those it rightfully belongs to and gives it to those it doesn't rightfully belong to.  Why be productive when you can take it by force under the guise of morals and the rule of law?         

Comment by JL Mealer
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 The Net MUST BE under the same laws as we know in the USA. Otherwise incidents such as Mealer v GM-GMAC where the transnational crushed the funding of the smaller automaker will be common everyday events. We will fall prey to Obamanism and transnational conglomerates running over the small businessmen. 

If CBS, ABC, NBC and maybe even Fox News and the assorted pundits crushed  Freedomsphoenix the same way GM crushed the Mealer Automobile, you might see things differently. Check out Mealer v GM-GMAC and you'll begin to understand. The mighty tax dollar, advertising dollar and over-all allegiance to the conglomerates prevented this from serious anticompetitive, antitrust issue involving a crime and Intentional Interference with (my) Prospective Advantage ever allowed it to be heard by a jury. if we want jobs, which they also had issues with, we go with the Mealer plan.... Read it all the way through before you knock it.

JL Mealer

Comment by Rocky Frisco
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Sarkozy, you filthy cocksucker, the last thing we need is more of your fucking government intrusion. So you think government has some sort of exclusive ownership in laws and morals? Show me where government ever did anything but rob, rape, kidnap and murder.

Comment by Justin Tyme
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Comment by Ed Price
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The internet shouldn't be "a parallel universe outside laws and morals," not for people, and not for governments. And usually it is the governments that are more illegal... even though they say it's the people.

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