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"The Internet Of Things" - Where Everything Is Alive, Connected and Reporting

In the past few months, companies ranging from giants such as Google to small start-ups have been touting the possibility of interconnecting people and objects - lightbulbs, fridges, cars, buildings - to create an internet of things. Many say this is a trend bound to hit us all in the near future. "Some of the things that are possible are truly unbelievable," says Constantine Valhouli from the Hammersmith Group, a strategy consulting firm. "We've moved from a desktop internet to mobile phones and mobile internet - the next step is buildings and objects, enabling us to communicate with them directly or enabling them to even bypass people entirely and communicate directly with each other." Imagine a production line where machines alert each other to production problems or bottlenecks, or cars that warn each other about a driving conditions or a crash on the road ahead.

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