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Worldwide Copyright Gestapo: Senate Seeks to Make Embedding Videos A Felony

Techdirt reports that Senate bill 978 – a bill to amend the criminal penalty provision for criminal infringement of a copyright, and for other purposes – may be used to prosecute people for embedding YouTube videos. According to Mark Masnick, if a website embeds a YouTube video that is determined to have infringed on copyright and more than 10 people view it on that website, the owner or others associated with the website could face up to five years in prison. Read Masnick’s article here. He explains how the new law would expand copyright violations from reproducing and distributing to performing – including streaming video over the internet. As readers of know, many videos are removed from YouTube after copyright owners complain about infringement. This happens with thousands of news clips every year. Most people are familiar with the now common black box replacing a video that says the video has been removed for copyright reasons. If enacted, this law will go one step further and turn people who embed a copyrighted video into criminals. It will also set the stage to criminalize linking to copyrighted information...

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the reason is simple why they want to outlaw and puttng people in prison and it is control the main reason is this look at the youtube post of a woman who physically raped by a tsa person and her son used his cell phone video camera taping the whole event since the first amendment rights cannot be abridged by these local thugs and in washington district of criminals who dictate null void laws that are not laws but dictates so who loses it is they eventually people will say enough is enough and storm the gates of the barbarians and hang them for treason 

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