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Louisiana: Cops Beat Up Old Man For Accelerating Slightly

Appeals court upholds $25,000 fine on Louisiana police officers who beat an elderly man during a minor traffic stop. Police in Louisiana slammed a 67-year-old man into the ground, arresting him over a questionable traffic violation. The state court of appeals ruled May 11 that Calvin D. Miller's injuries were only worth $25,000 in compensation. Miller had been driving his big rig logging truck home to Florien on US Highway 171 at 5:30pm on July 13, 2007. As he passed through the Village of Hornbeck, Officers Kenneth Hatchett, Jr., and Andy Mitchell, 19, pulled him over because he began speeding up "about 100 feet" before the limit changed from 45 to 55 MPH. Having driven the road for the past forty-seven years, Miller was quite familiar with the speed limit. He insisted he was not speeding. "I can see right now you're going to need an attitude adjustment," Officer Hatchett said to the five foot, six inch tall elderly man. Miller punched his own fist, then turned his back on th

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Comment by Temper Bay
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Muy macho cops in Louisiana no?

> "You don't turn your back on a cop," Officer Hatchett explained. <

Well, Bozo Hatchett got that one right.  You DON'T turn your back on a cop - you back away from him - so that he can't do what Hatchett did and attack when you're back is turned.


> "Officers Hatchett and Mitchell had the considerable advantage of youth, height, weight and weaponry over Miller," <
That last seems to be another failing on Miller's part, and another reason for backing away.  Miller will remember that thugs are thugs, regardless of what uniform they might wear, and one needs to protect himself from such.

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