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"Legalize Gold and Silver" MoneyBomb Radio Show - LIVE NOW!

• Ron Paul 2012
 From their website: 

We will be hosting the "Legalize Gold and Silver" Money Bomb Radio Marathon on June 5th, 2011. Be sure to tune in. More radio show info to be announced! Also see:

L I V E   S T R E A M   L I N K S 
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Radio Marathon Lineup Preview :

9am-11am | Uncle Rahn
9am | Tom Mullen
9:30am | Chris Greene
10am | Karen Kwiatkowski
10:30am | Dave Nalle 

11am-1pm | Jack Hunter

Contributing author
"Tea Party Goes To Washington"
11am | Sibel Edmonds
11:30am | Mike Church
Mike Church
12pm | Rand Paul
Tea Party Goes To Washington
12:30pm | Walter Block

1pm-3pm | Robert Scott Bell

National Talk Show Host

1pm | Clint Didier
Former Senatorial Candidate, NFL Football PLayer
1:30pm | Tisha Casida
2:00pm | Jesse Benton
2:30pm | Mike Adams

3pm-5pm | Jason Rink

Live Free Now!
3pm | Adam Kokesh
Iraq War Veteran
National TV Talk Show Host
3:30pm | Jacob Huebert
Attorney, Law Professor, Writer.
4pm | Peter Schiff
Investment Broker, Radio Show Host
4:30pm | Charles Goyette
New York Times bestselling author.

5pm-7pm | Wess Messamore

The Humble Libertarian
5pm - Bruce Fein

5:30pm - Scott Horton
6pm | Ron Paul
Presidential Candidate for 2012
6:30pm | Bill Greene

7pm-9pm | Kurt Wallace
7pm - Dan McCarthy
7:30pm - Jacob Hornberger
Libertarian Activist
8:30pm - Jim Rogers

9pm-11pm | John Dennis
9pm - Mike "Mish" Shedlock
Global Economic Analysis
9:30pm - Barry Goldwater Jr.
10pm - Ernie Hancock
10:30pm - Anthony Gregory

11pm-12pm | Austin Seraphin
11pm | Neal Fox
11:30pm | Jordan Page


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