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The Jose Guerena Shooting: Pima County SWAT v. We The People by Jim March


Executive Summary:

On Memorial Day, May 30th 2011, I attended a rally and set of speeches surrounding the shooting of recent Iraq-war returnee Jose Guerena, USMC. The Oath Keepers were the primary sponsors but to their credit didn’t try and dominate the proceedings, which included everything from a Code Pink contingent to Guerena family members and supporters and generally interested members of the community. What I learned there and in study of the available data suggests serious problems at all levels: horrible policy decisions beforehand, a grossly mis-managed raid and an appearance of a cover-up after the fact. Throughout this article, I will try and portray the facts available in the best possible light for the law enforcement officers and managers involved.

As we’ll see, even when we try and do that, the resulting implications vary from disgusting to terrifying.

First, before reading this, I urge you to study the available video footage of the shooting scene at least twice:


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Comment by Geoffrey Wells
Entered on:

 I would urge anyone who is concernan ed about this to contact the following.  This was an Assassination and nothing but.  The following agency is responsible for bringing to light the Unethical and Illegal activity of the ATF in GunTrafficking to Mexico that was known as Operation "Fast and Furious" and through this brought to the attention of the following Senators.  The Agency that everyone should contact is the Government Accountability Office also known as the GAO.  

They can be contacted at at the bottom of the web page in the very middle is the FRAUDNET/REPORTING FRAUD link.  Click this and the form is very self explanatory, put the name of the deceased, the state, sheriffs department and what every you think they DID THAT CONTRIBUTED TO THIS YOUNG MANS DEATH.  Furthermore I would ASK TO SEE WHAT JUDGE SIGNED the SEARCH WARRANT, WHAT EVIDENCE WAS PRESENTED and most importantly who WAS THE ACCUSER.  In this the JUDICIARY is just as RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS ASSASSINATION!

Furthermore, I would CONTACT the following 2 senators.  John Barrasso and John McCain, who are both quite familiar with Ensuring the GAO is given the proper tools to find UNETHICAL Behavior against Law Enforcement.  In this they are both well aware of many illegal activitys within Law Enforcement, from the border patrol to many other law enforcement agencys.  The ATF is so far the only PUBLICIZED one. 

Dont let this be the end of this story, this could have been you.

Comment by Anonymous
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Jim March is entitled to editorialize facts based on his personal opinion, just like anyone of us who came out with different opinions in this case. The only problem is when you based your opinion on the fact you yourself reported that you falsified.  For example, the severe condemnation of the SWAT raid on Guerena's home was based on the author's report that Guerena has "no police record", among others. I stopped reading March's commentary early on when I came across this portion of the report. We already knew by then what's in his mind, and where he was heading.  

If you want the truth of what has transpired and you want to air your view [opinion] as to what that truth means to us, you won't get it from this mischievous editorial report.

Just bear in mind the hard-knuckled truth that the SWAT team raid -- based on the warrant issued by Pima County Superior Court on account of hardwork sleuthing  and time-consuming police investigation and surveillance conducted some time ago prior to the designated day of the raid -- had never gunned down an "innocent" man. From here, try to project out of the courtesy of your gray matter, what this means to us as we evaluate the merit or demerit of the on-going drug war, and to try to put a sense or caveat on police raids to suppress criminal activities to justify a society the moral of which had scaled down a little bit since Obama had taken over the driver's seat and bring us to nowhere or from then on a ride to where nobody knows.

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