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The First Clown In Space Shares His Photos With The World

It's pretty standard practice that when humans travel, they take photographs. And then they show them off upon return, both to remember their trip and to let others bask in their glory. But few terrestrial travelers can match the portfolio of Guy Laliberté, the billionaire founder of Cirque du Soleil and self-described "first clown in space." He took some 10,000 images out the window of the International Space Station, and he'd like to show you his jealousy-inducing photo album, starting with his new photo book, Gaia.
In 2009 Laliberté became the seventh civilian to spend a two-week vacation aboard the ISS by way of a ride on a Russian Soyuz capsule, arranged by Space Adventures. And he may be the last for some time; Space Adventures has suspended paid civilian rides now that the Space Shuttle's retirement has left the Russian Soyuz as the only way to ferry astronauts and supplies up to the ISS (though the Russians have plans to build an additional fifth Soyuz vehicle for launch in 2012, which could potentially carry a space tourist).

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