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Ron Paul Could Win It All?


The Republican Who Can Win ...The candidate would know Americans are more worried about their jobs and their savings than abstractions like 'big government.' To win the presidency in 2012, the Republican candidate will require certain strengths. Among them, a credible passion for ideas other than cost-cutting and small government. He or she will have to speak in the voice of Americans who know in their bones the extraordinary character of their democracy, and that voice will have to ring out steadily. That Republican candidate will need, no less, the ability to talk about matters like Medicare and Social Security without terrorizing the electorate. Americans already have plenty of cause for fear. – Dorothy Rabinowitz/Wall Street Journal

Dominant Social Theme: America needs strong leaders who do not scare the public about complex issues better debated behind close doors. Wise leaders can shepperd us through the uncertainty.

Free-Market Analysis: We are longtime fans of Dorothy Rabinowitz. This courageous women wrote a serious of articles some 25 years ago that thoroughly debunked the mania that swept the US having to do with accusations that nursery school teachers were sexually exploiting the children under their care.

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