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Commentary - Germans Have No Choice But to Pay: Wadhwa ... So at last he speaks up! Maybe appropriately so in Aachen, where Charlemagne first formulated his vision of a united Europe twelve hundred years ago. Ok, ok, ol´Charly AD circa 800 had quite a different kind of Europe in mind than Jean-Claude AD 2011. If memory serves me right, he gave the peoples of Europe - especially the belligerent Saxons - a very straight choice about embracing Christianity and accepting his vision of a united Europe: "Convert or die". Literally. Heads were rolling for the unconvinced. And fast. I wonder whether modern-day euro politicians would sometimes wish they had such rough-and-ready policy accelerators at their disposal. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: EU forever ... Long may it reign. Reporters are allowed to comment.

Free-Market Analysis: This is a classic mainstream "meme," a purposeful celebration of European centralization from the CNBC Europe Reporter Silvia Wadhwa (left). But from our point of view, it's actually a bit strange that Ms. Wadhwa is allowed such unfettered access to speak her mind, given the mainstream media obsession with being "unbiased.' But Ms. Wadhwa seems to have quite a formidable reputation. Her CNBC bio (where she is listed as an anchor) is as follows:

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