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Why RIDE, an E-Verify initiative, may lead to Real ID certification for States

Real ID would require license applicants to provide a SSN# or W-2 forms. It is also a benchmark for a State's ability to become certified or materially compliant. This particular motion may sound redundant if your State has adopted the E-Verify system. E-Verify currently uses a web-based data entry system known as EVVE.

"There are five national verification systems required by the REAL ID Act. However, only two (legal presence and SSN verification) of the five required electronic verification systems exist today. The remaining three systems for passport verification, birth verification and the all-drivers pointer system still require development."

"Electronic verification" became a common phrase reading throughout the document as part of Real ID compliance. It is not a jump to connect that E-Verify may actually be the missing link in public awareness, recognizing it as the other Real ID database. Especially if RIDE, a new initiative to merge drivers license information and E-Verify picks up steam. 

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