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Third World America 2011: Forget "Fast Tracking to Anarchy" We've Arrived

• - Janet Tavakoli
Chicago is not alone. Cities throughout the country recently experienced wildings, and it will get worse for them as it did for Chicago. Illinois may have the most severe budget crisis in the country, but states like California, New York, New Jersey and more are troubled. Ongoing Mugging by Wall Street Banks After the largest bank bailout in world history, we now have a national epidemic of foreclosure fraud. In March, Judge Moshe Jacobius stayed 1,700 foreclosures due to altered documents in Illinois' Cook County.

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Comment by Anonymous
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Others are entitled to their opinion also. Eliminate the cops and you eliminate the cop problem, and create a bigger problem – the people problem. It is fantasy to expect people will ever learn to care for themselves. In the real world, people are both victims and victimizers. Instead, what they would learn and learn the best they could, is how to victimize even more the weaker victims in order to survive and live a better life than the weak they could victimize. The victimizers make good fertilizer out of their victims. So you go back to cops, and if you are the victim, back to calling 911.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Were it only true.  Eliminate the cops and you eliminate the problem.  Would you have a new problem(s)?  Certainly.  But until people learn to and expect to care for themselves they will always be victims.  In my opinion, all violent gangs make excellent fertilizer.

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