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Get Ready to "Shelter In Place" or "Bug Out"

GET AWAY FROM THE TBTF INSTITUTIONS! They're not only "too big to fail" they're also too big to save this time around. Local credit unions are ok to a point, but look at their balance sheets. Where's the money? Even if you're under FDIC limits, be "more under" by distributing funds around. If you have re-entered the stock market and made money, determine where your exit points are and be damn sure you're comfortable with the risk. As I write this we're nearly 100 SPX points off the recent and multi-year highs. Again, if you believe that the problems that led the market to tag 666 on the SPX were fixed, stop reading now; this article is not for you. If, on the other hand, you do not believe this, consider what happens to that money if the SPX goes to 400 - because it both can and might. Be prepared to "shelter in place" or "bug out" as appropriate. "Wilding" events have already happened in some major cities. This is likely to spread if there is a "fiscal" or "monetary" accident and the "FSA" (free **** army) funds get cut off. These events could spread very quickly, and many large cities could go near-feral within days. You need to know what you're going to do about that if it happens. If you think it can't, you're wrong - it both can and might. Being prepared costs nothing. Being unprepared might cost you your life. Consider walking down the average city street with 10-story apartment buildings on both sides while carrying a bag of groceries. How many rifle barrels can be hidden behind those windows, pointed at your head? Now consider what happens when the residents in those places have no food, no money, and you've got a bag of groceries. Still comfortable walking down that street? That's what I thought. Incidentally, being "macho" (or even armed to the teeth) does you absolutely no good in such a situation; the only means of avoiding that problem is not being there if it happens. You already have the lawful means of self-defense, right? If not, there's still time to solve that problem, but remember: The means of lawful self-defense does not automatically confer skill in the use of same. The police exist to come take a report and zip you into a bag under normal circumstances. If the "wildings" get more-prevalent they may dispense with the report and shift to Hefty for the bag. Think about that long and hard folks; it's not hyperbole. Once again look at who your friends are - and aren't. Many who you think are "friends" are really "acquaintances." They're fine when things are good and ok to share a beer with, but trusting them with your life is another matter. Again, this is "no foolin'" stuff - take stock of those who are in your circle and make changes as required. Remember the first rules from Zombieland. No, not "double tap."

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