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Alex Jones Coverage of Bilberberg

Feature Stories Male Prostitutes Service Bilderberg Members at Elite Summit?

Following several reports that male prostitutes were being transported to a location near the Suvretta Hotel at which Bilderberg members are stationed in St. Moritz, members of the elitist confab were subsequently photographed leaving the luxury El Paradiso compound and walking back to the hotel.

No comments yet; your thoughts are welcome. Bilderberg 2011: Master Page – LIVE VIDEO FEED

The full extent of our live video feeds, archived video, interviews, reports, photographs and analysis of Bilderberg 2011, all in one place.

Comments Off Exclusive: Unnamed Bilderberg Attendees Revealed, Gates Violates Logan Act

Infowars reporetrs Aaron Dykes and Paul Joseph Watson have received confirmation from an inside source that four other influential people who were not named on the official attendee list are in attendance at the Bilderberg conference 2011.

102 Comments Austrian Press Confirms Premier At Bilderberg

The Austrain Press has confirmed that the head of their government, Chancellor Werner Faymann is in attendance at Bilderberg 2011 in St. Moritz.

7 Comments Alex Jones On RT: ‘Bildeberg is not invincible’

Global leaders and corporate kingpins gather this week in secrecy for this year’s Bildeberg conference in Switzerland. As the media is shunned from listening in, should the world be weary of what’s being discussed? Radio host Alex Jones says that the Bildeberg group has an authoritarian agenda and everyone should be concerned. In recent years, however, media moles are infiltrating and are causing Bildeberg to crumble.

18 Comments 10 Really Stupid Things The Mainstream Media Has Said About The Bilderberg Group In 2011

Under normal circumstances, a gathering of top executives from Google, Facebook and Microsoft would have the media salivating. So would a gathering of some of the most important international politicians on the globe.

12 Comments Only US Media Coverage Of Bilderberg Consists Of A Three Paragraph Sophomoric Blog In The Baltimore Sun

Aside from one CNBC article 3 days ago, this is it…

2 Comments The Alex Jones Show – Paul Watson & Aaron Dykes: Bilderberg May Get Gandhi Like Response/Turnout from Protesters

Paul Joseph Watson and Aaron Dykes report the latest developments from St. Moritz, Switzerland, where the globalist cabal is holding its annual confab and where the elite are hammering out their agenda for the next year.

9 Comments Paul Watson & Aaron Dykes: Day 3 Report from Bilderberg Conference at St. Moritz, Switzerland

The full compiled coverage from day 3 at Bilderberg 2011, consisting of all Aaron Dykes’ and Paul Joseph Watson’s reports from throughout the day.

2 Comments UPDATED: Swiss Politicians To March On Bilderberg Meeting, Demand Arrest Of Kissinger

Swiss People’s Party representative Dominique Baettig is going to march to the meeting along with two other leading politicians from the Swiss People’s Party and demand to be allowed inside to confront the elite attendees.


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