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China Tries to Start a War?


When economic times sour, elites turn to war, or at least start to escalate military tensions. Europe and America are involved in at least four wars now, and unfortunately the West's escalating military involvement probably won't stop there. The West, in fact, seems destined to build a full-scale regional war out of a series of disparate ones.

They are, all of them, phony wars in some sense, even as they endlessly abide. Afghanistan apparently wasn't justified, as the Taliban had nothing to do with al-Qaeda and even offered to turn Osama bin Laden over to the George W. Bush administration based on a submission of evidence (that the US refused to present).

The Iraq war was supposedly aimed at removing weapons of mass destruction (whatever that means) from Saddam Hussein, but it seems he didn't have any. Now the US has taken to bombing Libya and Yemen for some reason; doubtless a justification will emerge (just don't hold you breath).

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