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Anonymous to governments: Let us explain your delicate situation

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This is an Anonymous message from the Spanish revolution to politicians, dictators and plutocrats all over the planet: Surprised by global disobedience? Let us explain your delicate situation.

Thousands of years ago, human beings started to evolve. Since then, our species has walked a dark bloody road that condemned people to live in fear caused by ignorance. Knowledge, ethical and technological development have always been conditioned by elites and their wars -which, as in an Orwellian metaphor, haven’t done anything but perpetuate vertical and obscurantist social schemes. We have arrived to the 21st century of our era, after two World Wars, taking on our backs the possibility of nuclear conflicts with assured mutual destruction. Announced the “end of history” by your economists and intellectuals, it seemed that the possibility of looking for a fairer order was meaningless. Thinking that you had stopped enough our rational development, you let us raise a progress model whose objective was never more than make you even richer and more powerful.

However, you didn’t consider that the real human spirit refuses to bow, always.

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Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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I figure that a statement that starts out with is probably going to have other serious errors either from carelessness or just plain mental incompetence. So when an article starts out with: "Thousands of years ago humans started to evolve." I stop reading, assuming that any future symbols will be the equivalent contrafactual noise 

Note that this statement is independent of ones belief in evolution. If you do believe in evolution, you certainly are unlikely to accept the statement that "thousands of years ago humans started to evolve" . Such a statement would qualify as a Palinism
Comment by Powell Gammill
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What happens when individuals (that can spontaneously act collectively) in economically perilous times have the power to bring down a government'$ Internet acce$$? 

I don't know, but it is fun to watch.

Comment by Anonymous
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 PureTrust ... we disagree with each other sometimes, but not all the time.  Your comment on Evolution runs parallel to mine -- it runs over and crushed the supertitious Godless whose greatest superstitution is to believe that there is no God. 

I will demonstrate to you how scientifically foolish Nonbelievers are: One morning an atheist while strolling in his backyard saw a wristwatch on the ground. Someone had put or dropped it there. The Nonbeliever really believes that no one put or dropped that watch on the ground ... it just materialized from the elements of the ground in the process of evolution.

Comment by Ed Price
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Anybody who believes in the foolishness called "Evolution" has devolved so far from the glorious state that God created him in, that he'll never win no matter how much success he has... except, of course, if he turns to recognize his personal relationship to God.

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