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The "QE 2 As A European Bank Bailout Vehicle" Story Picks Up Traction

The blockbuster story first posted on Zero Hedge claiming that QE 2, and more specifically the $600 billion (to date, and $750 billion through maturity) in reserves generated as a result, was nothing more than another European bank bailout smokescreen is starting to pick up steam with the contrarian intelligentsia. Here is Sean Corrigan's take on a topic which we have a very distinct feeling will be the cause of substantial Q&A between the Chairman and the Monetary Policy Subcommittee shortly. From Corrigan: "Note that while Large domestically-chartered banks have cash assets of some $509 billion v non-cash ones of $6.840 billion (a ratio of around 8%), and small domestics hold $293 billion in cash against $3,595 billion in no-cash (a similar ratio of approx 9%), foreign banks have the startling sum of $940 billion piled up against non-cash assets of $998 billion for a ratio of an incredible 94%. Put another way, despite the fact that all domestics’ combined non-cash assets amount to getting on for ten times those of foreign banks ($9,633 billion v $998 billion), they actually hold 15% LESS cash ($803 billion v $940). Once again, European banks have a lot for which to thank Mr. Bernanke, even if his fellow citizens have far fewer reasons to be grateful!"

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