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MERS Smackdown: Another Nail in the Coffin

It is critical to note that MERS in theory is a mortgage registry, which means whatever authority it has (a matter still being sorted out), it extends to the lien only. MERS has repeatedly said in depositions it was not a lender and has no rights to the note, the borrower IOU. Thus since in most states the note is the critical instrument (the lien is a “mere accessory”), the party foreclosing needs to be a holder of the note (that actually means more than mere possession, you need to be a party of interest, in some states). MERS advised last year that servicers stop filing foreclosures in the name of MERS. However, there appear to be quite a few foreclosures undertaken in the name of MERS grinding their way through the system; this was one of them (I’m a bit puzzled that more in states with MERS-unfavorable precedents have not been withdraw and refiled, but that is over my pay grade).

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