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Afghanistan: Let the Finger-Pointing Begin


Lackluster U.S. Leaders Doom Afghan Mission ... In December 1941, when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt assembled his top military advisors, he was surrounded by George Marshall, Hap Arnold, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Mark Clark, Bill Donovan, Claire Chennault, Chester Nimitz, Bull Halsey, Frank Fletcher, Ray Spruance, Vinegar Joe Stillwell, George S. Patton and Douglas MacArthur. These people, along with the likes of Chesty Puller, Tex Hill, Bill Darby and Pappy Boyington were brilliant, daring, outspoken and personally courageous, and they won the war for the United States. –

Dominant Social Theme: US boots-on-the-ground didn't lose the war, they were stabbed in the back!

Free-Market Analysis: This is an interesting article appearing in the KabulPress (see excerpt above). KabulPress is a prominent Afghan website; while the motives of the author (a regular columnist apparently) may be controversial, we believe the article may represent a trend – a dominant social theme – in what appears to be the disintegrating US/NATO war effort in Afghanistan. When finger-pointing evidences itself, the war effort is usually over. Victory has many fathers; defeat has few. The article may be a snapshot of what the future holds.

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